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FIS is the premier provider for financial data and analysis of the US Banking Industry.   We do one thing and we do it well.  Let FIS be your resource in the following areas:

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FIS Ratings -FIS is the top US Bank Rating service.
We rate all US Banks, Credit Unions, Bank Holding Companies, and Savings & Loans.

FIS ratings are ready when the financial data is filed!
No waiting for weeks and weeks after quarter end filings. 

FIS Ratings specialize in assessing the financial soundness of financial institutions. Since 2000, FIS is recognized as the leading credit rating service for Banks and financial institutions by government agencies, state agencies, investment banks, correspondent banks, and treasury managers.  Every quarter, we monitor the financial strength of over 20,000 financial institutions all across America.

Bank Ratings are easy to understand, 1 is good and 5 is bad.  FIS Ratings uses a detailed unbiased approach and we are the fastest and the most reliable Bank Ratings service.  Other ratings are based on stars or other less detailed analysis. FIS Ratings use a complex CAMEL ratio analysis model,  but the result is a simple and easy bank rating where 1.00 is the Best Bank Rating that can be achieved and the worst score is 5.00

Reliable and Fast – What good are ratings if they are not accurate and received in a timely manner? Don’t wait for weeks after each quarterly filing for unreliable data.

  • Accuracy.  At FIS, nothing is more important than the quality of the data.   All FIS financial data products are quality tested each quarter upon delivery by the regulators. Upon arrival of the data, each product line undergoes a battery of tests to uncover and correct any hidden errors before it is published.
  • Corrected Financial Statements.  FIS uses a special process to update the financial data for amended filings both current and historical. This unique process is continuous and ensures that you have the most up to date information.
  • Bank Failure prediction.   Since the year 2000 FIS Ratings have provided over 98% failure prediction.  Protect yourself against financial loss by using FIS Bank Safety Ratings.


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